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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This boy's gonna get mono...

Wesley ran up to the door this morning, laid both hands on it, leaned
in, and gave it a quick kiss.

How weird... Jen and I both saw it and didn't know if he really did
what we thought he did. Then, probably since he got a reaction, he did
it again.

And it continued....

Next was a couple boxes by the door, then the rug, then the piano bench.
He made a couple rounds giving a quick, leaned in "smooch" to each of
those inanimate objects...

Jen and I were crackin' up...

What made it even better was his attire... He woke up wet from a night
of apparently drinking too much. Rather than get his clothes dirty with
breakfast, I put one of my t-shirts on 'im (clothes-pinned the neck in
the back so it'd stay on). It was like a cross between a Jedi & a
painter's smock ;)


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