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Saturday, October 17, 2009

First Blood

Our little Rambo was climbin' up on a chair today (not _into_ the chair -- just using the chair to stand). He fell and somehow cut his lip just outside the right corner. It looked like he hit his forehead, but the carnage was apparently a little lower on the face....

A wet paper towel to clean off the little red (now smeared) stream helped reveal the source of the wound. I heated up my crocodile dundee knife and cauterized it... and a little of his mouth. Just kidding ;) I don't have a crocodile dundee knife ;)

Okay -- that was a joke too... It was a _really_ small cut - maybe a milimeter in length. We just wiped it off a couple times and gave him his frozen teether. He was fine in a minute....

So -- what else has been happening... We think there's a new tooth in his upper gums. When you hold him just right upside-down, you can see a little shiny spot -- his first upper tooth starting to poke through!

He's been having quite the time emptying the cabinets and our plastic drawer recently. As I type this, the kitchen floor is basically impassible. Which stinks, 'cause I'm thirsty ;) Jen took this picture in the middle of September. What you can't see is the kitchen floor -- littered with the former cabinet contents. It was his first time in the cabinet. He... couldn't figure out how to get out ;)


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