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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just Wave Ya Hands In The Air!

We think we've got WMJ waving on command now.... It's the same motion he makes with his right hand when he's making funny noises with the back of his hand and his mouth, but.... it at least looks like a wave ;)

To continue out the last post a little, he's gone through peas, green beans, squash, carrots, and a couple lemon wedges ;)

Oh -- and prunes. A couple days after the peas, we noticed he hadn't poo'd since the day after the introduction of the peas... He ended up going 4 days sans poo-age in one stretch. So, really prunes were the second food we introduced, and have continued to feed 'im ;)

Oh the joys of moving into the realm of hard poo's. It's not your traditional two-poo platter by any stretch of the imagination! They kinda form into little wedges between his cheeks and the diaper... And to add to the weirdness, the desitin sometimes give some white color to the outsides... Sometimes even looks like a white fuzzy mold 'er something.... ...

Well, enough of that -- time for dinner! ;)


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