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Friday, December 18, 2009


Jen just took little dude to the doctor's... He developed a nasty
sounding cough overnight (had a little cough before, but didn't seem
that bad). When Jen went to hang with him in the wee hours after he
cried out, but unlike his normal self, he just laid there all
pitifully... So, we took his temperature this AM. 102. Side note -- I
think thermometers are a little weird sometimes, 'cause we took it twice
and the second time was a little less than that, but....

Gave 'im some tylenol and scheduled a sick visit.

Temperature came down by the time we were done feeding him some
breakfast. He seemed much more himself (but still obviously not 100%)
during breakfast.

Anyway -- the doctor said he's got two ear infections and _possibly_ the

Jen just headed out to fill his prescription.



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