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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Whoops -- Slacking on Tooth Posts

So back on the 17th, I noted that it looked like his first upper tooth was poking through. I didn't even say which one it was ;)

It was the left lateral incisor -- or as we affectionally called it, his "snaggle tooth" ;)

Here's where I show off my slackness though... I... don't know when the next tooth came in. It was sometime around the middle of November. Of course, the funny part of it is that it was the other "snaggle tooth", making him look like a dragon (in Olivia's words).

Then he got a birthday present -- his left central incisor poked through. And today his other central incisor peeked through.

Here's to hoping we remember to note the next one! ;)


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