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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What a screw-up....

WMJ got his first haircut on Friday... He looks a lot different now...

Of course, that's not the screw-up.

I was hanging out with WMJ in the living room after feeding him dinner
tonight. I've been kinda tired lately, so I was zoning while watching
TV. Then I noticed him between me and the TV...

Hm... What's he playing with? Is that a water bottle? Note - we have
a few Dasani water bottles that we refill and drink out of. This one
was empty. Hm... Where's _my_ bottle... That I just filled up with
cherry Kool-Aid... <looks around>. Uhh... <stands up> OH CRAP!

There, right in front of the couch, were two fairly good size puddles of

Ungh... I put him in his pack-and-play and grabbed the carpet deep

I really felt like I was talking to a dog. "Bad Wesley... No..."

Oh well... Here's to hoping I don't find another puddle somewhere later
that I missed.


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