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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Few more milestones

We were at dinner tonight at Jen's favorite -- the Macaroni Grill.
Since they leave crayons at the table for everybody to play with, Wesley
got to draw all over with 'em. He acted like he knew exactly what to do
-- how to hold 'em, how to draw random lines, etc.

We forgot his sippy cup, so we had to roll with the kiddy cup of milk
and straw that they provided. It took a few tries, but for the first
purposeful time, he drank out of a straw. It was more a game for him
than anything -- suck up just enough to get something in his mouth, then
turn to accept the praise from the table ;)

Those milestones made me remember that I hadn't blogged in a while...
So, I figured I should note some of his other things:

- He ate the cookie part of an oreo
- He uses blocks (or anything he can get his hands on) like a cell
phone... He has random conversations with _someone_ on those things ;)
- He pulls his helicopter around by it's string. I've seen him turn it
back upright a few times too.
- Speaking of turning things back upright -- I've seen him turn his
wooden scooter (which a wonderful southern gentleman hand crafted for
him) back over after it fell over.
- He's taking baths in the big tub, and loving every minute of it
- He started his music class this past Wednesday. He played the drums,
shaker, triangle, tambourine, etc.
- He's had mint chocolate chip ice cream... He made a funny face on a
couple bites -- either because of the cold or the taste... I don't
think it was the taste, 'cause he kept coming back for more ;)

That's all I can think of for now... 'till next time!


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