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Saturday, September 5, 2009

9 Month Appointment

From Jen:

Wesley had his 9-month appointment today!! (No shots this time – yeah!!!!) Most everything is looking good. He’s hitting the milestones that he should. The doctor could feel 4 upper teeth about to poke through. We thought so since he’s been cranky, has red cheeks, and is drooling like crazy. He weighed 19 lbs & measured 28½ inches. The doctor was a little concerned that he has not been gaining weight like she would have expected (like he did in the first 5 months). But I’m just going to feed him more and we’ll see how it goes. He’s eating some little pieces of sliced American cheese as we speak. :) One thing Mike and I are pro’s at is putting on some weight……

On the other hand, he’s learned the fun of knocking down a stack of blocks and opening the cabinet doors. He’s also pulling up and letting go. He’ll stand for a few seconds. It’s hilarious to see his face when he does it! I can’t tell if he’s excited or scared. :)