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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hopefully He's Faster Than Me ;)

We're a little slow at updating the blog (Jen and I, that is)... Hopefully WMJ's a little quicker than us ;)

Let's see.... What's the latest stuff....

3/21 - WMJ rolled over onto his stomach by himself... He didn't really like it, and subsequently cried ;) This process repeated many times after... He's gotten a little better about the crying about it though ;)

3/23 - While at the doctor's for a shot, the pediatritian told us we could fix some of WMJ's sleeping habits (he'd gone back to waking up about every 3 hours after the sickness) by putting him in his crib at night... I had a feeling my snoring was waking him up ;) The first could nights were a little fun. He slept great and long, but he'd wake up every so often when he'd roll over onto his stomach..... and cry. What bad timing we have - to have started this right after he's able to roll over onto his stomach ;) We'd go in, flip him over, and put his pacifier in his mouth and he'd go right back to sleep. As noted earlier, he's gotten better about this and'll sleep on through being on his stomach. Phew! ;)

3/27 - WMJ weighed in at 16lbs 1oz. 26" (Jen thinks ;) ).

4/9 - WMJ rolled over onto his back from his stomach. At least, we're pretty sure he did... He was in his crib on his stomach at the end of a nap, we turned around, and he was back on his back..... And he didn't cry through the process! Sweet! ;)

Well, I think that's all for now... I'll let you know if it's not ;)