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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Still no change!

Spent half a day at the doctor’s. The good news—the stress test looked good (good heartbeat, good movement, and contractions but nothing regular) The ultrasound also looked (fluid doesn’t look old and is also measuring well) good except the baby’s head and stomach are measuring ahead of normal. The discouraging news—still no change in dilation or effacement. So again, if nothing happens this week, they’ll begin the inducement Sunday night.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Latest Prenatal Appointment

Since we're due on the 25th, Jen's been getting anxious.... At the last two appointments (they're weekly now), the doctor told her she was 1cm dialated and 50% effaced. She was expecting to hear some different news today....

Of course, with me setting it up like that, you know she didn't ;)

So, the doctor told her the plan. She was to call back tonight and make some appointments.

The first of those is for Monday or Tuesday. At that appointment, they're gonna do the same checks. They'll also do an ultrasound and a stress test on the baby at the main hospital. The Women's Center is on the campus of CMC NorthEast. If she's more effaced, they may go ahead and induce labor. If they see anything weird on the ultrasound or the stress test, they're definitely going to induce labor.

If there's no change and nothing wrong with the little dude, we've got an appointment the following Sunday night. They're gonna induce labor 'cause he's getting bigger and doesn't have much room to grow ;) If it goes down this way, our little guy'll be here December 1st.

It's a boy!

Back on June 26th, we found out that our first kid - due 2008-11-25 - is a boy.