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Friday, December 5, 2008

The Traditional "Two-Poo" Platter

The little wiggle worm's been worrying us with the lack of poos recently. It was in the middle of our first good night two nights ago when we'd last seen a good poo. We were supposed to be seeing two or three poos yesterday, but none.

Luckily, we weren't super worried about it since we had our first pediatric appointment this morning. So, we went through the ordeal of getting both him and us ready and headed out. At the doc's, the first thing they wanted us to do was strip him down for a weigh-in. ("And in this corner.....")

We got off everything except the diaper. When we pulled it off, we found quite the surprise ;) After the clean up on aisle 2, a quick tare of the scale, he was weighed. 9lbs even. A new diaper was put on 'im, and we waited for the doc.

Dr. Sherrill came in, pleasantries and chatting ensued, and on with the exam. She unwrapped 'im and noted that I apparently hadn't "pointed it down", so there was apparently some leakage from a wet diaper. Sorry, but I'm still not feelin' too great about aiming a freshly circumcised pee stick. The doc finished her exam, and we were dismissed put on a new diaper, pack him up, and head home. Jen was holding him (with his yellow-snow diaper and the semi-wet receiving blanket) at this point and noted that he felt like he was leaving us a little present down under...

So, we unwrap 'im and find the present to be just gas. Not two seconds after we got the new diaper on and strapped up do we hear pbhtphbtpbht. And a juicy pbhtphbtpbht at that. "I'm glad we brought extra diapers!" I told Jen ;)

So, apparently WMJ has something against our house when it comes to poos ;)


  • At December 5, 2008 at 7:24 PM , Blogger Grubbs said...

    Your house just feels too comfortable I think. You gotta put him in some cold are and shake him around a bit. :) It was great seeing you guys last night. Happy early birthday, Mike.


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