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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hope for the Same....

If the rest of the newborn nights go like last night, we'll be awesome!

Starting at 9PM, Jen woke me up to check diapers and hold 'im 'till she was ready, then wes-tacular ate a little and fell asleep. Every three hours after, the same process happened 'till 9AM this morning.

Of course, he's been a little lethargic today... WMJ's got a habit of eating a little and falling asleep. Jen has to keep waking him up so he'll get a good feed... We're wondering if things would be different if we'd have waited with the circumcision 'till the eighth day 'er so to get past some of these times when feedings are so necessary. Not that I'd want to really trade in nights like last night ;)

Oh well -- can't go back now ;)


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