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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Too Much To Remember...

It's after midnight on Wesley Michael Jolly's second calendar day of life... That being said, it's a little tough to remember what all happened since the last post -- other than the 5 work calls I didn't return yet (sorry guys!).

So -- here's the best recap I can come up with...

Jen strained the fool out of herself pushing from 2:05PM - 6:00PM. Dr. Bresnahan (Dr. Wagner went off duty at noon) wasn't sure we'd be able to get the big guy out... He was "transverse" - looking to the side. Apparently, a kid needs to be facing up to have the easiest move through the crazy canal. To try and get the boy to turn, we did a good series of pushes on Jen's side... We made good progress, but he just wouldn't turn good, so his shoulders were probably hangin' up at Jen's pelvic bone. Prior to the side pushing, the doc was even leaning towards an "unnecesarean" (copyright Bobby Wilkinson ;) (he's understandably against 'em being used for convenience purposes - which this wasn't)). By 6:00, Jen was about wasted, and was in tears with the thought of finally giving in to surgery (remember, this was even the first time she had an IV). Luckily, the pushing that she'd done had gotten the head so far down that Dr. B. suggested the little vacuum thing. She wasn't sure we could pull it off, warning that if it pops off a few times, we'd still need to go with the cesarean.

At 6:15, the little suction thing worked on the first try, and our little cone-head - Wesley Michael Jolly - was born. 9lbs 10oz, 22". By tomorrow, he'll be 20" once the swollen cone-head comes back to normal ;)

They made me cut the cord........ with scissors handed to me by Doc B that had stuff on the handles..... YUCK! ;)

Like Father Like Son ;)



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