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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Newborn Stuff We Don't Understand

Jen's parents are in the room and we were chatting about what's been happening recently... The scariest thing we've been running into sounds like it's a normal newborn thing, but .... ...... we have NO idea what we're doing regarding it.

Apparently some amniotic fluid gets in newborn's lungs, and in combination with regular extra mucus secretions -- the little dudes choke.

WMJ makes noises that sound kinda like sucking noises, and kinda like wheezing.... But apparently sometimes, those noises are indications of the baby choking... We woke up this morning to a nurse coming in for routine stuff. As soon as she opened the door, WMJ let out a random yell. This other nurse, Sue, from out in the nurse's area for the three room pod yelled, That's a choking baby scream!" and came running in. She snatched up the baby and... I don't really know what she did, 'cause I was half out of it and didn't have my glasses on. Not to sound like I wasn't interested in what was going on, I asked how and what she was doing when she used the little squeeze bulb thing.... Something about 'cleaning out the excess from the sides of his mouth' to boil it down...

Later in the day, Waggie was back and making her rounds. She came to check on Jen and just as she was bending over Jen to check her out, WMJ made some near-inaudible noise and the Wag-ster whipped around and rolled him onto his side. Jen and I were like what in the world?! We had NO idea anything was wrong.... Wag-tastic held the baby so that it was basically laying on her hand on his stomach. She rubbed and patted his back and comforted him, and within a minute, he basically puked a couple times. I could only imagine something similar happened with Sue.

It apparently happened again about 20 minutes ago while Jen's dad was holdin' him. Vicki recognized the sound right off too....... Yet again, Jen and I had NO idea anything was wrong....

Jen and I are in for a long couple days........ I hear that's how long this stuff normally lasts..... Maybe it just means that we're more in tune to hear/listen and understand what's going on when he gets older ;)


  • At December 3, 2008 at 9:35 AM , Blogger Unknown said...

    Congrats on the new baby and what a son. I guess he did not want to join the outside world and had to have a little push. It was just to nice inside you. I love the diaper blog and I always put a cloth over the little tinkler or I would get wet very quickly. Can't wait to see you both and I wish you only the best in the coming days, since you will both need it. Children are wonderful but they do demand alot of your time. Just forget the rest of world and devote all your time to him. Dad, make sure you devote special time to Mom since post partum depression is nothing to ignor. Jennifer needs just as much attention as your son for the next week or so. I will be praying for you guys to have a wonderful experience during this time of the baby's life beginnings. I will keep an eye on the website and congratulations again!!!!



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